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My Story...
Ever since my first Easy Bake Oven, I loved the process of baking little cakes to give to my family members and friends. It was something about seeing their faces light up with joy from receiving a little cake, frosted to the best of my 6 year old ability. Seeing their expressions made me proud I baked something that made them happy. One of my fondest cake baking memories was created as a result of my mother crying. I know raising two little girls, on her own, wasn't a piece of cake. I baked one of my special Easy Bake Oven cakes for her. It was the very thing that lifted her spirits and put a smile on her face. Most of the frosting had melted onto the dinner plate, due to the fact that this 6 year old was unaware cakes require cooling before frosting. Nevertheless, seeing how the cake put a smile on her face was priceless! Now years later, I still love baking those little cakes and watching them magically turn frowns into smiles. Yes, I've learned to let them cool before frosting.

Why little cakes? Because it's the little things that mean so much to a heart and soul in need of love. Nothing says, I love you… You're not forgotten… I'm here for you… You're not alone… more than a homemade cake baked from scratch just for you. My treasured childhood pass-time has finally become a made to order gift cake business. I call it LaCake Petite which provides 5inch little gift cakes baked from scratch in various flavours. As a lover of life, I know this to be true… As long as there are people on this earth, they will celebrate those special moments that define the milestones in the lives of those they love....whatever the occasion, with cakes always be at the heart of it. Why? It's simple - Because of Love~LaShaun Jackson, 
Owner & Lead Baker

LaShaun, Owner
“Work is Love Made Visible"
Kahlil Gibran

"I once heard it said...if you find what it is you love to do, you'll never work a day in your life" So, it's with an honest love and a pure passion for scratch baking that I bake for you and those you love ~LA

A former Culinary Expert for Williams & Sonoma. Where she hosted their Sunday Cooking Classes and Sous Chef Series on second Saturdays, inspiring clients with home style recipes, cooking techniques and tools to enhance their cooking and entertaining experience.

LaShaun, is certified with the City of Houston in Food Manager's Program, ServSafe Food Safety Program and TABC Certified for Tastings. She is presently studying to get her Certification in Baking and Pastry at HCC, Houston Community College.

About LaCake Petite Gift Cakes
Founded in 2009, LaCake Petite LLC is a Traditional Small Batch, Special Order, Delivery Only Cakery, Specializing in 5 inch Home-Styled Gift Cakes and Hand-Held Petite Desserts, using the Freshest Ingredients on the Market. All of our edible gifts are made to order with all of our recipes  being tried and true reflections of my late grandmother’s kitchen. Our delicious dessert menu is filled with recipes inspired by the women from my late grandmother's church, my family and my friends. These desserts have made my life sweeter and I know that you will love them. 

Our greatest joy at LaCake Petite is knowing that we produce by hand, a baked product made fresh from scratch, using techniques and ingredients like those found in Grandma's kitchen. Small batch baking allowing us to maintain a product of the highest standards and quality. "We Crack Our Own Eggs and Use Real Butter". We strive to bake, package, present and serve our Clients edible gift giving needs in "The Spirit of Excellence". Pouring love and passion into every baked good. It is with The Love of Christ and a Pure Passion for Scratch Baking that I present the home-styled desserts that I loving and confectionately call LaCake Petite.

LaCake Petite LLC is Christian family-owned and operated right here in Houston, TX. Other companies may offer similar services but our main focus above all...

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Committed to Serving our clients in The Spirit of Excellence