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Join the Culinary Movement!
"We've all heard it said, people should be given their flowers while they can still smell them. Well, at LaCake Petite we believe they should be given something sweet while they can still taste it!"

Join the Culinary Movement! "RANDOM BAKES OF LOVE" Celebrating people and businesses that make life better…dare I say sweeter? People who see a need and do a good deed, consistently! Not for reward, recognition or accolades but because the world needs more LOVE....

"I'm sure there must be someone in your life or your local community who deserves a spontaneous thank you, a kind word just out of the blue?" 

Some kind of recognition for just being a marvelous person? I know it's a bit random... but that's what makes it out of the usual and for us at LaCake Petite, that's what makes it special. The unexpected just means so much more to a heart in need of LOVE.....

So, if you know of someone that makes "Life Sweeter" or always offering excellence customer service, please submit us their Name or Business Name, their delivery address, a contact number and tell us why you wish to bless them with a “Random Bake of Love” and when we have extra goodness in our kitchen, we’ll deliver a batch of Home-Style goodness to them, just to say "Thanks for Making Life Sweeter".

My Random Bake of Love Go Out to......